With Good Finance, you can already finance your move with a loan.

Seek the services of a professional mover


This can allow you to seek the services of a professional mover, which are quite expensive, when you can not afford to do otherwise. Because yes, in case of long distance moving for example with a large amount of furniture to move, sometimes there is no choice but to call a moving company.

However, there are solutions to try to minimize the bill. This of course requires some compromise, but nothing too bad. Here are some elements that can save you some money on your moving quotes.

Move out of season


The move is a market that is strongly tied to seasonality. Indeed, more than 50% of French people move each year between June and September. If you can avoid this period to move, the prices will be 20 to 30% cheaper!

Be flexible on the exact date


By leaving the choice to the mover of the exact date, it can be organized to optimize its routes and offer you a cheaper price because of the savings made on transport costs. This is of course only valid for a move over a long distance (greater than 150-200 km). For example, by leaving a week of flexibility you can save around 30 to 40%.

Compare prices

Compare prices

this may seem obvious, but rates between movers can sometimes vary from double to single, hence the importance of comparing several companies. Beware of scams however: do not choose the prices too low, they hide most of the time unpleasant surprises. To compare easily while having the assurance to have reliable companies, we advise you for example to call on a moving broker. Good Finance has been working in this business since 2010 and offers moving quotes at very good value for money.

Sorting before moving

The price of a move depends on the amount of furniture to be moved, calculated in cubic meters. This is called the volume of the move. To reduce the bill, consider sorting your furniture before making the quote. You will have fewer items to move and the quote will be cheaper.

If you need general advice for your move, which can be very stressful, do not hesitate to contact removal experts, such as Good Finance brokers who will answer your questions.

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