We constantly struggle to provide our visitors with better services and our comparisons are our great pride (together with our archive of information and articles). Now we have expanded the range of comparisons with a large comparison of savings accounts.

You can check interest rates and other terms easily and smoothly.

money savings

There are many savings accounts to choose from and when you start saving, you obviously want to get the best possible return on your money. We have chosen to give you a comprehensive and flexible comparison of savings accounts so that you can quickly see which ones have the best savings rate and terms in general.

Just choose the binding time on the savings account with our slider and all the options that match that particular binding time are presented. You can also filter a little to further specify exactly what you are looking for. In this way you get a clear picture of which savings accounts are available so that you can choose one that feels good and that gives a good return.

Compare savings account in our great comparison

We are struggling to provide you with more good services

money savings

Our goal is to constantly expand our range of services because we find that services are very important to make a page great. We already have a lot of information about everything from loans and insurance to personal finances, investments and home / home. What we want to add to our range is more practical services in the form of comparisons, calculators, templates and everything that gives visitors specific help.

We have recently worked out a good comparison of credit cards and now also a comparison of savings accounts. In the future there will be further comparisons where one can easily find the best alternative. We will also introduce other useful gadgets that will give you more benefit from the site.

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